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Create Registration form Servlet3 + PostgreSQL + Tomcat

Steps 1. Create USER_MASTER table in PostgreSQL DB. 2. Create USER_MASTER_SEQ sequence in PostgreSQL DB. 3. Add Datasource Setup in Tomcat. Refer Datasource Setup 4. Create Eclipse web project 5. Create User value object with attributes. 6. Create Servlet. 7. Add javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet annotation to access Servlet 8. Add javax.annotation.Resource annotation to access datasource 9. Add […]

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How to configure PostgreSQL DataSource in Tomcat 9

1. PostgreSQL datasource setup 1. Download PostgreSQL JDBC driver Location to download PostgreSQL JDBC DRIVER (postgresql-9.4.1212.jre7.jar) Download version suited for your JRE level JDBC4 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.4.1212 JDBC41 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.4.1212 JDBC42 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.4.1212 Copy connector jar to either TOMCAT/LIB or application’s WEB-INF/lib Note In an enterprise application avoid adding it […]

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